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Meet Generation Z – The Next Wave of Salon Pros & Clients

While some are still struggling to figure out the Millennials, Generation Z is growing up behind the scenes. Is your salon ready to market to this new and emerging crowd, let alone to hire them?

Born after the mid nineties, Gen Zers are very different than their Millennial counterparts. They are an upbeat and passionate group that wants to take an active role in their communities and their futures. Gen Zers are also independent, entrepreneurial and resourceful, courtesy of growing up during a recession.

Gen Zers are the first truly mobile-first generation, so they place a big emphasis on personalization and relevance. They seem to prefer in-person to online interaction and are educated in emotional intelligence from a young age.

These kids are so mature and eager to listen that they learn fast. Gen Zers are also curious and driven, investigating how to obtain relevant professional experience even before college.

Businesses, including salons, will have to rethink their recruiting and marketing practices to attract this group both as clients and as future salon professionals.

Those who want to take advantage of the Gen Z market need to develop relationships with teenagers in grades seven through 12. To cater to a new set of ever-evolving style trends and to always offer a fresh approach to any services, promotions or events.

On the recruiting side, the suggestion to salon owners and managers is to get into the schools, provide mentorship and education, and put themselves in a position to help shape the career decisions of Gen Zers. To harness the excitement high-school-age kids have about their careers and help them explore their options in the salon industry.

Here are some interesting facts about the next generation of workers and spenders:

  • By 2020 Generation Z will account for 40% of all consumers.
  • Gen Zers know how to research, self-educate and find information. Thirty-three percent watch lessons online, 20% read textbooks on tablets, and 32% work with classmates online.
  • The average Gen Zer has the attention span of about eight seconds. They have grown up at a time when they’re being served media and messaging from all angles, and have adapted to quickly sorting through and assessing enormous amounts of information.
  • Generation Z consumers spend 7.6 hours per day on average socializing with friends and family.
  • Gen Z shares the entrepreneurial spirit of Millennial innovators: About 72% of current high-schoolers want to own their own businesses, and 76% hope they can turn their hobbies into full-time jobs.

So, are you and your salon ready to welcome the next generation?

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