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Tips to Successfully Manage a Hair Salon

Successful salon management involves keeping a tight ship and making sure you know what your clientele wants. Here are several great tips to help you manage:


Keeping up on current hairstyle trends in your area is a must. Make it a priority to know what looks are trending so that you and your salon can stay current by learning new techniques to appeal to your market.

Look and Listen

Pay attention to your clientele. To what they say, and moreso what their body language says. What does it say if a customer says they love their new look, but you never see them again? Some people are hesitant to voice their opinion, so you have to watch them closely. If their body language is telling you something, or their facial expressions look concerned or disappointed, politely offer another option.


While you may not want to offer your services at prices so low that customers see it as sub-par work, you need to make sure you aren’t charging so much that they can’t afford to come back a week or month down the road. Look for a balance between too high and too low.


Think about turning your hair salon into a full service salon. Look into offering facials and other spa services, as well as manicures and pedicures. Also, be certain you cover all of your bases with hair by offering cutting, coloring, styling, and texture services and even some specialties like extensions.

Dress Code

Set a dress code with clear and defined limits for your staff. If in doubt go for all black or even neutrals. In addition to helping hide hair color stains, black is a very universal color that is easy to fit into any wardrobe style.


Your customers are looking for a warm and inviting salon so that they feel comfortable. It’s important that you provide them with a welcoming environment that is clean and well kept. Remember that first impressions are everything!

Controlling Overhead 

Another important factor in successfully managing a hair salon is to keep tight control of your overhead. Do your research and know what retail products your clientele will purchase to avoid having a surplus of merchandise.

Limit the number of employees your salon hires to just what’s needed and then hire accordingly as you grow. While it is sometimes a good idea to have stylists that specialize in a specific area, it is also important that most stylists have the necessary skills to meet most every customer’s needs.

You can also improve your bottom line by reducing office work or eliminating overly redundant employees. Ask yourself, are your stylists really too busy to take time between clients to tidy up themselves? That would lessen the need for a cleaning crew or for them to come as often. Also, consider salon scheduling software to help eliminate the need for a dedicated receptionist or as many receptionists.

What other ideas can you think of to help effectively manage your salon?

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